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The Health and Safety of our employees, along with our commitment to protect the Environment are at the heart of our Values


As such, our fundamental obligation to all our employees, subcontractors and vendors is to ensure everyone has the right and authority to STOP the WORK whenever any employee, subcontractor, vendor, customer or member of the public believes there is a HSE risk.

TOTALTEC Shareholders, Directors and Management unequivocally supports the decision of its employees in the diligent execution and support of this policy:

  • Stop Work Authority (SWAT) shall be applied if any situation arises due to an unsafe action, condition, behavior or omission or non-action of any party involved in an operation, and if such situation were allowed to continue, could potentially lead to the occurrence of an incident.

  • Any person regardless of position, seniority or qualification has the right, authority and duty to apply the SWAT policy if in their opinion or judgment, an activity my lead to a potential incident.

  • There shall be no blame or fault whatsoever held against any employee using SWAT even if, upon investigation, the SWAT was deemed unnecessary. The SWAT order must be applied in good faith.

  • Timing is paramount to the success of applying SWAT. As such our employees need to understand that there is to be NO delay or hesitation in using SWAT if the need arises.

Any activity, work or operation that was stopped by using SWAT shall not be resumed until all HSE aspects have been mitigated to the satisfaction of the employee that initiated the SWAT, in combination with individual or supervisor responsible for supervising the activity, work or operation.

- Lars Mangal

Chairman & CEO


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