Michael (Mike) Henzell

Michael (Mike) Henzell
Senior VP, Operations

13 years Schlumberger, 4 years Halliburton

  • Senior Vice President (PE Placement), Drilling Solutions LLC, TX, USA
  • Vice President Operations Rigs, and Fluid Management Services, KEG, TX, USA
  • General Manager Completions and Sand Control, Schlumberger, TX, USA
  • Global QHSE and OPS Support Manager Completions, Schlumberger, TX, USA
  • OFS Account Manager Schlumberger – Trinidad and Caribbean
  • Business Development Manager, Schlumberger - Indonesia
  • Technical Manager, Schlumberger, Sakhalin Russia
  • General Manager Production Enhancement, Halliburton, Bolivia and Argentina
  • Operations Manager Sand Control Services, Halliburton, Venezuela