Creating and facilitating local and international partnerships to meet the full range of needs of the oil and gas industry.

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TOTALTEC creates and builds partnerships to meet the needs of companies establishing and building their businesses in Guyana. These partnerships range from real estate to facilities to warehousing to products and services to meet the demands of the new offshore energy industry. 

The Guyana Offshore Base (GYSBI) is a 4-company joint venture (including TOTALTEC), of which Muneshwers Ltd. (ML) is the senior partner. Since starting in late 2017, GYSBI has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to international health, safety and environmental standards; standards required by Exxon and all its contractors.

On its 130 acre site, GYSBI is now supporting offshore operations through a range of services, for example vessel loading/unloading from the 600 ft. concrete wharf, materials storage, maintenance & repair, and waste removal. Among resident companies’ services are bulk plants for mud and cement to support drilling operations.

When TOTALTEC formed the International Petroleum & Maritime Academy (IPMA) it had to move fast to build facilities of a suitable standard - including classrooms, offices, changing rooms. That was the genesis of TOTALBASE Modular Facilities. TOTALBASE now offers modular shops, offices and accommodation, built locally by Guyanese craftsmen and women. These are cost-effective, flexible solutions for companies looking to quickly build an on-the-ground presence in Guyana. Visit TOTALBASE to learn more

Jaguar Oilfield Services Guyana, Inc. was formed in 2017 when TOTALTEC facilitated the combination of two companies with experience in providing quality industrial products and services in Guyana, with strong after sales support in country; exactly what the emerging oilfield needed. 

Jaguar builds on a foundation of parent company experience of almost 100 years. Many of the products and services now offered by Jaguar come directly from other Guyanese industries to oil and gas, for example slinging and rigging. Others come from quality international suppliers who also offer products used by the oilfield, for example instrumentation, not yet imported into Guyana.