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TOTALTEC launches first International Petroleum Academy in Guyana.

8th February 2018 - Georgetown, Guyana

TOTALTEC has invested in a purpose built 80,000 sq. ft. facility that combines classroom and practical training, located  next to the shore base operations supporting ExxonMobil. Three classrooms are joined by infrastructure specifically designed for training skills foundational to the offshore industry, for example slinging, lifting, handling, crane operations, fork lift driving, working at height and in confined and hazardous areas. 

Throughout the program, a strong culture of safety, looking after yourself and co-workers, and being empowered to stop operations if something is not right, is instilled in all candidates. This culture is a critical part of the oil and gas industry, where safety is the number one priority. 

Future work will include customized courses to meet the specific needs of the new oil industry companies coming into Guyana. 



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