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Need Integrated, Modular, Serviced Camp Facilities that Ensure Happy Workers? 


Call the Boss - CampBOSS 

Location & Infrastructure  

CampBOSS has extensive expertise in;

  • Identifying suitable locations 

  • Lease/contract advice 

  • Managing infrastructure access 

  • Power provision and redundancy 

  • Water management

  • Waste management 

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Design & Construction

CampBOSS works to international standards;

  • Expertise in designing modular facilities 

  • All environments, including remote 

  • Sustainability focused engineering and design

  • Fast-track construction - timely project completion 

  • Footprints to minimize environmental impact 

Operations & Maintenance 

CampBOSS provides complete management services;

  • Focused on customer satisfaction

  • Full-service operation

  • Certified and highly proficient staff

  • Complete day-to-day operations management

  • Regular maintenance and upgrades 

  • Focused on efficiency and longevity 

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xxx Accommodation Unit

Subtext  benefit

Details of the site, ideally, get real images for left and right 

Plumber at Work
Marine Engineer

Lab/Offices Unit

Subtext  benefit

As above, bullets of what was delivered

Contact the Boss
Well Driller
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Ready to Get Your Team Set Up? 

Contact the Boss - CampBOSS 

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