Training the First Generation of Guyanese to Begin Careers in Their Oilfield


TOTALTEC has partnered with globally recognised institutions to build two academies in Guyana, the IPMA and the MSTI.

The International Petroleum & Maritime Academy (IPMA, commonly known as ‘The Academy’) in Georgetown provides training and certification to international standards through its 80,000 sq. ft. purpose-built facility that is set up for both classroom and practical training. The same equipment that is used on the job is used at the IPMA.

The Maritime Safety Training Institute (MSTI) is an alliance between MATPAL Marine Institute (MATPAL) and the TOTALTEC International Petroleum and Maritime Academy (IPMA), formed to address the increasing need for qualified Guyanese in oil industry maritime roles.  ​

Built to International Standards. 

Customized to Your Needs.

Standard courses are offered in the main areas of oilfield operations, both onshore and offshore. Courses are suitable for both employees new to industry or those with experience from other industries, for example mining and sugar. The starting point is safety, which forms part of every course, and instills a safety culture in all who attend.

Companies can send individuals or groups of employees to any course, or customized courses can be developed, drawing from standard formats. Flexible contracting models, including scholarships and headcount transitions, allow operators and service companies working in Guyana to manage career development, succession planning and variable operations/labor demand. ​ ​

Courses use TOTALTEC facilities. Customer and/or TOTALTEC instructors are available to meet specific requirements. Examples are slinging & banksman, driving safety, and stepping & handling. ​ 

Experts in oilfield operations, including well and production engineering, are provided through Leader Engineering Guyana. To see the foundation for these consulting services, visit our partner’s website. 


By end 2019 The Academy will have trained over 250 Guyanese through programs customized for the unique requirements of the diverse group of companies working in Guyana. 


These companies know the importance of safety, and operating to internationally recognized standards. 


Talk to us about your training needs. 


To request more information on standard or customized courses, please register with the Academy

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