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Invest Guyana Publishes a 2019/2020 Investment Feature

January 7th, 2020 – Georgetown, Guyana – Each year, the Guyana Office for Investment (GO-Invest) publishes a free magazine each year featuring the Guyanese Oil and Gas industry, with companies to watch and local features. This year’s publication is the largest to date, with over 120 pages featuring the Guyanese companies, policy updates and investment perspectives.

Guyana, the only country in South America with English as its first language, is set to become one of the world's largest oil producers. Significant economic challenges and changes lie ahead. For now, with first oil now flowing, Guyana remains a ‘new frontier’. GO-Invest, and its Invest Guyana publication, puts a spotlight on Guyana’s local capabilities and commitment to developing a sustainable and equitable energy sector.

TOTALTEC and associated organisations feature on pages 66-71 (links below), where the message is clear: skilled people, open partnerships and world-class facilities are what will enable Guyana participate, invest in and lead their energy sector.

A notable theme throughout the publication is the emphasis on promoting and celebrating Guyanese businesses, some of which have achievements that place them alongside the standards held by international oil and gas companies. In August 2018, Guyana Shore Base Inc. (GYSBI) became a 24 hour-a-day operation and celebrated 365 Operational Days without a Lost Time Incident (LTI). The TOTALTEC International Petroleum and Maritime Academy has, in just two years, graduated over 200 Guyanese men and women, all of whom ready to begin long careers in the oil and gas industry. An online portal developed by Brainstreet (a Guyanese IT company), has over 850 local Guyanese businesses self-registered in the directory.

Says Lars Mangal, CEO of TOTALTEC, “The path to local content is a deliberate journey that starts with many small steps – training of Guyanese, setting up local certifications and standards, enabling access to capital and partnerships with foreign companies to support the industry and learn from, taking ever more responsibility locally. These remain a focus of TOTALTEC”

Find the full Invest Guyana 2019/2020 magazine here:

Visit Go-Invest here:


TOTALTEC Oilfield Services is focused on the success of the oil industry in Guyana for the benefit the country, its people, and partner companies. It does this through three areas: people, partnerships, and facilities. Qualified and motivated Guyanese develop through the International Petroleum & Maritime Academy. Partnerships prioritize products and services that are starting points to grow from, creating new Guyanese led companies. Examples are Guyana Shore Base, Inc. providing support to offshore operations and Jaguar Oilfield Services offering a complete range of lifting equipment and inspection services. The 94% Guyanese TOTALTEC workforce includes 8 nationalities with over 160 years of international oilfield experience.



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