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Exxon announces two new discoveries offshore Guyana

February 20th, 2019 – Georgetown, Guyana – an ExxonMobil release on the 6th of February announces two additional discoveries offshore Guyana in the Stabroek Block.

The discoveries are in the southeast of the block, in an area called Turbot (south of the Liza area, where previous ExxonMobil discoveries were made). The wells, Tilapia-1 and Haimara-1, are the 11th and 12th discoveries, giving a discovery success of over 80%, unheard of. Tilapia-1 is the 4th discovery well in the Turbot area (which includes the Longtail and Pluma discoveries).

These are significant discoveries, serving as reinforcing evidence that there will be potential for at least 5 floating, production, storage and offloading vessels (FPSOs) on the block by 2025.

Says Lars Mangal, CEO of TOTALTEC Oilfield Services, “As we continue to hear news of the discoveries offshore Guyana, it’s critically important to continue to develop local content; hiring Guyanese people, forming local business partnerships and using Guyanese facilities ensures sustainable development of the energy sector for the benefit of all our citizens.”

Developing the Stabroek Block – Liza and Payara

The Turbot discovery wells come after a suite of discoveries in the Liza area of the Stabroek block. The Liza Phase 1 development continues to develop on schedule, with production of 120,000 barrels per day on track for early 2020.

Government regulation and approval processes are expected for the Liza Phase 2 in Q1 of 2019, with production expected for mid-2022. A second FPSO will see the Liza Phase 2 kick off production on the Stabroek Block with an estimated 220,000 barrels per day. A 3rd development, Payara, an area north and west of the Liza areas also should receive regulatory approval in Q1 of 2019, with production expected later, in 2023.

Turbo Area Discoveries


· Drillship: Noble Tom Madden

· Discovery Date: January 7th 2019

· Drilling Depth: 18,786 feet (5,726 metres)

· Reservoir Depth: 305 feet (93 metres) – high-quality oil-bearing sandstone

· Water Depth: 5,850 feet (1,783 metres)

· Position: 3.4 miles (5.5 kilometres) west of the Longtail-1 well.


· Drillship: Stena Carron

· Discovery Date: January 3rd 2019

· Drilling Depth: 18,289 feet (5,575 metres)

· Reservoir Depth: 207 feet (63 metres) – high-quality gas-condensate bearing sandstone

· Water Depth: 4,590 feet (1,399 metres)

· Position: 19 miles (31 kilometres) east of the Pluma-1 discovery

Discovery drilling in the Turbot area is a continuation by Nobel’s Tom Madden drillship, which previously drilled 10 discovery wells in the Liza area. The drillship will continue to operate in the Turbot area, moving 6 miles west of Tilapia-1 to the Yellowtail-1 well.


TOTALTEC Oilfield Services is focused on the success of the oil industry in Guyana for the benefit the country, its people, and partner companies. It does this through three areas: people, partnerships, and facilities. Qualified and motivated Guyanese develop through the Academy. Partnerships prioritize products and services that are starting points to grow from, in effectively introduce companies new to Guyana. The Guyana Shore Base facility is now supporting offshore operations.

The 94% Guyanese TOTALTEC workforce includes 8 nationalities with over 160 years of international oilfield experience.

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