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TOTALTEC Academy graduates join Schlumberger

8th August 2017 – Georgetown, Guyana – World class careers begin in the leading provider of technology for reservoir characterization, drilling, production and processing for the oil and gas industry. TOTALTEC Oilfield Services Guyana is pleased to confirm that the first group of successful graduates from its inaugural Oilfield Safety Training and Operator Program have been qualified and joined Schlumberger, the world leading oilfield service company.  “This is a true breakthrough for Guyana, our Guyanese graduates, and our TOTALTEC Academy. Our management team and international instructors delivered a world class training program to the highest international standards. These graduates will be foundational to Schlumberger establishing operations and a state of the art support facility in Guyana.” commented Lars Mangal, President and CEO of TOTALTEC. “As a Guyanese citizen, this is a proud moment for me personally. I remember joining Schlumberger in 1990 as a trainee, and the incredible culture of safety it gave me, and we have now given to our graduates. My first assignment was in the freezing winter of the Netherlands, followed by the Sahara Desert of Libya; from one extreme to another. An oilfield career is full of surprises. You start at the bottom and work your way up, as will our new graduates.” The TOTALTEC graduates successfully completed the 8-week intensive safety and operator training program, equipping them with all the basic safety and operational skills and knowledge to begin a career in the emerging Guyana oil and gas industry.  TOTALTEC will commence the third safety and operational training program with 26 Guyanese recruits on the 20 August, including the first females. We are looking for more female candidates for future courses. 



TOTALTEC Oilfield Services is focused on the success of the oil industry in Guyana for the benefit the country, its people, and partner companies. It does this through three areas: people, partnerships, and facilities. Qualified and motivated Guyanese develop through the Academy. Partnerships prioritize products and services that are starting points to grow from, in effectively introduce companies new to Guyana.  The Guyana Shore Base facility is now supporting offshore operations. 

The 94% Guyanese TOTALTEC workforce includes 8 nationalities with over 160 years of international oilfield experience.



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