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TOTALTEC forms business driven partnerships across local and international companies to build capacity in Guyana while providing growth opportunities for all parties. 
Contact us to explore a partnership to establish your business in the fast growing Guyana - from energy industry services to all supporting activities 

4 Active Partnership examples follow:  

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Guyana Shore Base Inc provides a complete range of supply base and supporting services

From its 175 acre site GYSBI provides 24/7 support for the complete range of onshore and offshore operations. 

Jaguar Oilfield Services provides a range of lifting, inspection and certification services as well as OEM supply

LEEA Member providing quality industrial equipment, products & services to Guyana's energy sector.

TOTALBASE Modular Facilities provides a range of facility options for international companies to establish themselves in Guyana

Guyanese-crafted modular facilities to get up and running quickly or addressing rapid growth.

Skills Assurance enables companies working industries where safety is critical to ensure workforce competence and project complicance

eLearning program of 280+ courses with competency and compliance management tools. 

TOTALTEC knows the energy industry and and leverages this knowledge in partnerships. See the Resources Directory for some of our connections.  

Our Resources Directory draws on the deep industry experience of the TOTALTEC management team, and provides summaries and links to the key global information sources for oil & gas: 
  • Oil and gas industry societies, with conferences where experts share experience and newcomers learn
  • Technical Resources, links to conference papers, and 'the dictionary and Wikipedias of the oilfield' 
  • A directory of the main energy companies operating and partnering in Guyana
  • A directory of the major service companies operating in Guyana 
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