We are the gateway to the Guyana & 

Mid-Atlantic oil & gas service industry

For companies entering Guyana who recognize the right local people, facilities, and relationships are critical to their

success in the new oil industry, TOTALTEC Oilfield Services:

  • Recruits, trains, provides and supports qualified personnel to companies in a range of flexible business models

  • Provides quality facilities and necessary supporting functions for work and living, through its own options and partner companies

  • Forms partnerships with companies, adding our strengths to theirs, ensuring a successful business together in Guyana. 


... is to make Guyana an exceptional example of what the discovery of oil can do for a people and a country, supporting companies to deliver to their highest performance standards

​Examples of our current partnerships and initiatives:

  • The TOTALTEC Academy is a purpose-built facility that combines classroom and practical training, with focus on safety. Specialized courses are also available. Over 100 will have been trained in the year since opening March2018.

  • The Guyana Offshore Base, whose development was facilitated by TOTALTEC, who is now a partner, is home to several international companies, regularly supporting offshore operations, including Exxon.

  • Partner companies, including Jaguar Oilfield Services, are now active in a number of oilfield related activities, including equipment inspection, NDT and offshore operations.

Interested in learning more about how we can help you succeed in Guyana?